Holonics Inc.



Project at a Glance

Holonics conducted a feasibility study for a federal government department to investigate merging various existing tracking tools into an integrated system, with the objectives of improving the efficiency of regulatory tracking and delivery of regulatory development services. Holonics consultants analyzed all data sources, developed a prototype to confirm business requirements and recommended a best-value solution following the analysis of three options. 



The client needed to systematize the way they managed the regulatory process using an integrated information system. Up to that point proposed regulations were managed in spreadsheets, documents and email communications. There was no centralized system to track the regulatory management process, and no common database to generate reports or coordinate activities from.

Engagement Detail

The engagement consisted of two phases. Holonics consultants first analyzed business requirements by reviewing over 15 tools currently used by the client organization to track various aspects of the regulatory process. From this analysis, the consultants derived a common set of data and functions and a prototype of the system was developed using Microsoft Project Server to validate business requirements with end-users. The second phase consisted of taking the validated business requirements and analyzing potential options to implement an integrated information management system to support them. Three options were assessed against a tailored set of criteria representing the client's business and technical priorities and the consultants recommended the option that presented the best value to the client.


The client realized the following benefits from the feasibility study for the Regulatory Tracking system:

  • The organization has a better understanding of its data and functional requirements to support the regulatory process
  • Integrating the functionality and data currently found in over fifteen tools into one information system is feasible and economical if the right solution is implemented