Holonics Inc.



Project at a Glance

Holonics implemented a project management support system for a client in the utilities sector. The solution was assembled from a set of pre-existing Oracle Application Express components to manage project issues, tasks and deliverable documents. Holonics developed an integrated data architecture, building from the existing components and identifying common data elements. This allowed all components to operate in a common integrated database, while enabling the development of customized modules to support the client's specific requirements. The client benefitted by quickly having access to a full-feature project management support application which was tailored to their specific requirements and running in a solid database environment.




The client urgently needed a system to help them manage the delivery of a multi-million dollar project involving a multiple suppliers. A large number of deliverables were being produced, issues were being encountered with these deliverables and review tasks had to be coordinated among many stakeholders. The client had started tracking this work using spreadsheets but quickly realized the limitation of spreadsheets in managing data. 

Solution Detail

Holonics proposed the use of Oracle Application Express as a development platform to the client, as it fully leveraged the existing software infrastructure and would not require procuring any additional software. As there is a large library of pre-built components to address specific functionality, Holonics developers were able to assemble the right components to satisfy the project tracking requirements of the client. The work done by Holonics consisted of integrating the data schemas of each component into one common data architecture and to customize components so that they would work with this common data architecture rather than their individual schema. Using the interactive reporting capabilities of Oracle Application Express, Holonics developers provided the client with various user-friendly business intelligence reports, allowing the end-users to tailor the reports themselves for their unique needs. 


The client realized the following benefits from the project management support system:

  • Ability to manage project issues, deliverable documents and tasks in a multi-user collaborative environment
  • Access to a full-featured system running on a solid database
  • Delivery of the system in a very short period of time to meet the stringent scheduling requirements of the client
  • Ability for end-users to build their own queries, in a very easy way, to access any information from the system