Holonics Inc.



Project at a Glance

Holonics implemented an Issue Management system for a Canadian public sector client that manages trade issues. The solution leveraged the existing deployment of Microsoft SharePoint by building out a set of business applications and reports to meet their issue resolution process. Holonics provided data management services to ensure information was defined according to the Issue Management process and consistent across divisions for both operational and reporting use.  The resulting solution gave the client the ability to prioritize issues, manage activities around issues, resource effectively for issue resolution and prove a common, standardized, information framework for team members to work with.



The client needed to systematize the way they handled issues using an information management system. Up to that point issues were managed in spreadsheets, documents and email communications. There was no centralized system to track the issue management process, and no common database to generate reports or coordinate activities from.

Solution Detail

The solution consisted of two main parts. First was a business solution to review how issues were managed by the organization and to implement an Issue Management process that reflected best practices. This step helped define a consistent lexicon to describe issues and a common language for issue resolution definition used across the organization. The second part was customizing an Issue Management system on the SharePoint platform which aligned the business activities of team members around a well-defined issue management process. The SharePoint-based Issue Management system fed data to an Oracle database which generated operational and business intelligence reports for team members and managers.


The client realized the following benefits from the implementation of the Issue Management system:

  • The organization can respond more rapidly to information requests
  • Ability to reach consensus on prioritization of issues and work plans
  • Capture and manage corporate knowledge in an environment of high employee mobility
  • Systematic Issue Management approach increases team’s capacity to manage issues without related increase in staff