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Learn more about how we have delivered best-value solutions for our customers. Here is a snapshot of some of our projects that have helped save organizations precious time, resources, and money while helping them achieve their potential.

Issue Management System for a Public Sector Trade Policy Division Using SharePoint


Holonics implemented an Issue Management system for a Canadian public sector client that manages trade and policy issues. The solution leveraged the existing deployment of Microsoft SharePoint by building out a set of business applications and reports to meet their issue resolution process... more

Regulatory Tracking System Feasibility Study


Holonics conducted a feasibility study for a federal government department to investigate merging various existing tracking tools into an integrated system, with the objectives of improving the efficiency of regulatory tracking and delivery of regulatory development services... more

Data Governance for Client Data


Holonics developed a data governance framework and roadmap for a federal government department that was facing major data discrepancy problems. The framework was then applied to one major business domain: client data.... more

Geospatial Decision Support System


Holonics developed an innovative decision support tool to assist in estimating the impact of man-made barriers on eel habitat. The tool made use of the latest Google, ESRI and Oracle technologies and integrated the most up-to-date scientific knowledge on eel habitat with topographic and hydrographic data.... more

Project Management Support System


Holonics implemented a project management support system for a client in the utilities sector. The solution was assembled from a set of pre-existing Oracle Application Express components to manage project issues, tasks and deliverable documents... more



Holonics developed a GeoPortal for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) to provide a common entry point for the marine and DFO communities to access, extract, integrate and disseminate location intelligence. Strategic and tactical use of geospatial information allowed the entire community to operate more efficiently... more

Public Health Information Reference Framework


The GeoConnections program of Natural Resources Canada undertook a number of initiatives to develop a foundation to help the public health community capitalize on geospatial (or location-based) information... more

Chart Catalogue


The Chart Catalogue for the Canadian Hydrographic Service (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) provides an index of available nautical paper charts in Canada. It is built on the DFO GeoPortal infrastructure, using common chart data from the DFO data warehouse and overlaying it on Google Maps... more