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Project at a Glance

The Chart Catalogue for the Canadian Hydrographic Service (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) provides an index of available nautical charts in Canada. It is built on the DFO GeoPortal infrastructure, using common chart data from the DFO data warehouse and overlaying it on Google Maps. The Chart Catalogue is used by mariners and recreational boaters who are interested in available charts for a given area. The tool allows them to pick charts of interest and add them to a charts list which they can print or save in preparation for purchasing the charts from an official distributor.



The Canadian Hydrographic Services (CHS) is responsible to produce, maintain and distribute nautical charts for Canada. Through its network of distributing agents, CHS sells charts to commercial mariners and recreational boaters. In order to keep its clientele aware of its products, CHS wanted to integrate an interactive mapping tool to its existing web site to allow users to identify relevant chart products in a given area. 

Solution Detail

The key to the success of the CHS Chart Catalogue project was the creation of a visualization tool using the Google Maps API. The Chart Catalogue handles more data than what a typical Google Maps application can manage while delivering solid performance. By limiting the amount of data to be displayed based on scale and area to be displayed the Chart Catalogue provides the timely services that CHS clients have come to expect. An automated extract-transform-load process was implemented to populate the main data warehouse from the CHS production metadata repository.

Technologies used:

  • Oracle Spatial
  • Google Maps API
  • AJAX
  • Holonics Geoportal Components


The client realized the following benefits from the developed system:

Chart information made available to the public using familiar interfaces using the familiar Google Maps interface to visualize and query spatial data holdings.

Up to date chart information with nightly updates from CHS production sources

No map plug-in required