Holonics Inc.



Data is the fuel that drives decision-making processes. Unfortunately, many organizations can be found running on rather fuel-inefficient engines. Many times staff is spending a lot of time looking for data and often cannot even find the required data. The only mechanism to maintain data may be a spreadsheet or multiple spreadsheets which quickly become unwieldy and inconsistent. Multiple definitions of data may exist across the organization, which makes the data difficult to interpret or worse, it actually leads to erroneous answers.

Before jumping to a solution to these problems, it is critical to understand what the organization does and the data required to support what it does. Holonics consultants can bring their unique combination of public sector business knowledge, strategic data analysis experience and communication skills to define a clear vision before a solution is undertaken. Whether addressing the needs of a business unit, a government department or even a national community of interest, Holonics always establishes a vision and defines requirements in a language that is understood by both business and technical staff alike. This ensures that the right data is made available to the right people at the right time, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. 


Case Study: Regulatory Tracking System Feasibility Study