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Data Management is the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise.

Data management is very topical within the public sector due to the demands being made of departments by central agencies and the public. Departments are being asked to make do with reduced funding or deliver improved services with stable or reduced funding, while being held to higher standards of accountability. No effective response to these pressures can be formulated without understanding one’s Department – where is the money spent and to what end? How do the activities of the Department meet the Department’s and the government’s strategic objectives? Where are the inefficiencies of the Department and how can they be removed? Answers to these questions and more require consistent, reliable and accurate data about the Department.

At Holonics we specialize in the following four key areas of data management:

Data Governance

We establish processes and organizational structures to make decisions about all aspects of data content, format, structure, usage, and integration across the organization.

Data Architecture

We design enterprise data architectures that include models, policies and standards that are well aligned with your organization’s goals and business plans.

Reference Data and Master Data Management

We establish processes and mechanisms to manage the core set of common reference information, such as clients, services, commodities and status codes, that must be applied and understood across the enterprise.

Metadata Management

We provide the environment to locate available data across the organization, what it means and who is responsible for it, all in a language that is easily understood by business users and IT folks alike.


Case Study: Data Governance for Client Data